Progresive architecture of Kaunas
Progresive architecture of Kaunas
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Architecture of the World’s cities has been always seeking for a social, economical or cultural progress. Nevertheless, the buildings which used to be signs of future in the urban fabric  through time turned to be historical artefacts perceived among the society as cultural memory collectors or identity producers, but… they are treaded just as symbols of the past having nothing to do with the idea of progress.

One of the many results of the Modernity we have is discourse on cultural heritage. It approves, legitimates and legislates the relation between ‘the past’ and ‘the present’ [see. E.g. Vienna Memorandum]. Anyway, there still exist many of dispute in architectural heritage practice as well as in theory.

Thus, we have got an aim of our excursion which is to delve deeper into the progressiveness of the historical and contemporary architecture. Buildings which used to ‘scream’ for a future now are eliminated of contemporary planning in purpose to freeze them in time and preserve them from visual influence of the new architecture. The excursion is excellent chance to see architecture of Kaunas  from the other point of view and to reveal the progressiveness of the architecture which had been constantly appearing and it does so now in Kaunas urban fabric. 

Kastytis Rudokas

Route consists: